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The pictures here are photos from 59 of the members of the New Brunswick group on Flickr.
They have captured many places of interest and much of the beauty of our province.
They have graciously allowed they're photos to be put here and in the slide show on the sidebar.
Please respect this and please do not use they're photos without permission from them.
The contributors are from New Brunswick, other parts of Canada and around the world.
We have over 800 pictures in the group now and it will continue to grow.
I would like to Thank the people from the group that contributed.
Thank You, for helping to show our Beautiful Province.
Eric Carr

Posted by ECarr 2:37 PM  


  1. Jimbo1239 said...
    I spent some time in New Brunswick last summer as part of a 2 1/2 week vacation in the area (Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick). The family and I loved it ... the people, the area, the scenery ... we sincerely had a great time. I look forward to visiting again and seeing more of your wonderful Province !!
    Jim Loftus (Jimbo1239)
    Newark, Ohio USA

    PS - And thanks to you for allowing me to share some of my memories with others !!
    ECarr said...
    Hey Jim, it is I who should thank you for allowing the use of you wonderful photos of NB, that you took while visiting us.
    Thank You for taking the time to belong to the group and allowing me to use your photos.
    Eric Carr
    aka Rick
    New Brunswick
    TheFunkyCowboy said...

    Nice spot you have going here will be very much a return visitor.
    ECarr said...
    Thank You
    Just trying to promote our province with photos from visitors and the people that live here.
    You have a great site, I will post a link to it from one of my pages.
    Thanks for visiting.

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