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Thank You !

I would like to take the time to Thank everyone that has allowed me to post some of the photos from the New Brunswick Photo Group on Flickr to the New Brunswick Photo blog.
Great photos everyone!
I hope maybe soon we could have a weekly or monthly photo contest that would be open to all those people that belong to the group.
The photos could be voted on by each member of the group and at the deadline the photo chosen would be the most rewarding photo of the week or month and posted to the blog.
We have members all over the world, some of them have only visited but were kind enough to allow us to see the photos they took while visiting.
I would like to extend a big Thank You to those who have visited the province and found it to be a great place to visit and explore.
I hope you will continue to post to the Flickr group and allow some of those photos to be posted here.
It is also a benefit to each of us as it brings more traffic to see our photos and also promotes our Province.

Posted by ECarr 8:23 PM  

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  1. MissTish said...
    Great work on the site - keep up the good work.

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