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SPLASH and FLASH "Photo Contest"

Photo Contest Sponsored by The Post Gazette
The Oromocto Post Gazette is seeking scenic photos of Oromocto's Watershed with a Splash and Flash photography contest. Starting next week photographers are asked to email photos, along with your name and contact information as well as a description of the photograph to:
Each week, for eight weeks, the Post Gazette will select and run a color photo sent in by you, the readers.
From nature shots to fun images of families frolicking along the river, we want to celebrate Oromocto's waterways this summer. The contest will run from June 17 to August 12 with great prizes up for grabs for everyone who submits a photo as well as the winner of the first place photo, to be chosen by Post Gazette staff at the end of the contest.
Winners will be announced August 26, 2006.

Please Make certain the Photo is from part of the Oromocto Watershed Area.
You can find out about the area of the Oromocto Watershed ClickHERE

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