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Goose River

Goose River, originally uploaded by Mr. Hermit.

Goose River

Goose River is a Backcountry camping location in Fundy National Park. This is site number 6. This is also one end of the Fundy Footpath, the other being in St. Martins.


A couple years ago three of my buddies and me were camping here in May. They were starting the Footpath the next day while I had to return home to work. At about 12:30 at night we started hearing cries for help. There were campers staying at the 1 or 2 other sites located on the beach but when we got out of our tents we found out it wasn't them. What we could see was a dimm flashlight being waved on the clift in this picture. Long story short my friend Luc waded across the river (usually crossed at low tide) and slowly made his way to the standed person. After and hour and a half he returned with a disoriented and lost local who had been drinking at a cove a few kilometers away. Turns out he didn't have a sleeping bag and was leaving the party to sleep in his car but got lost along the way.

It was a cold night and I slept the rest of it in my sleeping bag. The crazy local slept in Luc's sleeping bag, and Luc huddled in an emergency blanket. Always has to be the hero :P

Uploaded by Mr. Hermit on 13 Mar '07, 12.47am AST.

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