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Pont couvert (0928)

Pont couvert (0928), originally uploaded by Bo No Bo.

Pont couvert (0928)

Dans le parc national Fundy, au Nouveau-Brunswick.
Covered bridge in Fundy National Park, New-Brunswick.
Note : La position que j’ai donnée à cette photo sur la carte est approximative car j'ai fait cette photo il y a deux ans. Si quelqu'un connaissant bien le parc de Fundy veut me donner de meilleures coordonnées, n’hésitez pas! / The position I gave this photo on the map is approximate because I took the picture two years ago. If anybody who knows Fundy Park better wants to give me more precise coordinates, please do so!

Uploaded by Bo No Bo on 15 Mar '07, 5.23pm AST.

Posted by ECarr 9:00 AM  

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  1. Bo No Bo said...
    It's a pleasure to see one of my pictures here! Keep up the efforts to show the world how beautiful New-Brunswick is!

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