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Doggie Bathroom

Doggie Bathroom, originally uploaded by

Doggie Bathroom

This was to show our straight and narrow hydrants we have over here in Canada..
Grrrega posted a pic of one on his stream. I like the shape of the ones over there in Croatia much better. :)

Strobist info: Sb800 su-4 mode triggered via on board flash,1/4 power, snooted the flash head with my hands because I had nothing else! Holding the flash upside down from the head cupping the contour with both hands. So having both hands occupied I set the camera on self timer and propped it up using the camera bag. Part of the bag was caught in the bottom of the frame.

Uploaded by on 17 Jul 07, 10.13PM ADT.

Posted by ECarr 10:07 PM  


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