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Protesting a Cruel World

Protesting a Cruel World, originally uploaded by mikie t.

Protesting a Cruel World

Just recently a local kennel owner was acquitted of killing five puppies with a hammer because our laws currently allow such actions provided animals are not treated in "cruel ways".
People turned out at this rally because they are repulsed over the idea of somebody bashing their unwanted puppies' heads rather than taking them to the SPCA.
The puppies can't speak for themselves & animal lovers demand this old Law be changed to meet the ethics of today & I agree 100%.

Uploaded by mikie t on 14 Feb 09, 4.04PM AST.

Posted by ECarr 6:11 PM  

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  1. Angel said...
    WELL DONE !!! bravo ! mais continuez avec les bébés phoques !!!!

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